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Introduction of Mgallery Cat Ba


Nestled between towering limestone hills and lush green Islands, Mgallery Cat Ba welcomes visitors to a world of tranquil beauty, relaxing discovery and homegrown joy. The resort brings an international feel to the traditional Indochinese style. At the exact same time, it provides guests excellent perspectives of Lan Ha Bay and neighboring Cat Ba National Park.

- The full title of Mgallery Cat Ba: Hotel Perle D'Orient Cat Ba - MGallery - The name reveals lemongrass and elegant, ​​not coincidentally the highest price and always full room
- Mgallery Cat Ba Hotel has 11 floors - 121 rooms
- There are two swimming pools, 1 swimming pool on the ground Floor right alongside the ocean and 1 swimming pool on the 11th floor
- 2 Restaurants
- 3 Bars
- 1 Spa on the rooftop of this hotel
- Sort of buiding (seems not really special, but just step Foot in the doorway to observe the luxury).

- Room, decoration: Genuine and trendy, 02 swimming pools + Spa just 1 word HIGHLIGHT
View overlooking Cat Co 3, the beach is longer and the sand Is finer than Cat Co 1.
What are the benefits of Mgallery Cat Ba?
Mgallery Cat Ba utility is extremely luxurious, including Service areas such as: health care center, restaurant, high-class pub on the rooftop. It's good for organizing events, the wedding here with big area, perfect sound system for service.
Indochine Kitchen restaurant
Indochine Kitchen Mgallery Cat Ba restaurant, inspired by Classic French colonial style, includes indoor and terrace perspective of Lan Ha Bay, open all day serving traditional Vietnamese and global dishes.

Akoya Japanese Restaurant
Japanese restaurant Akoya - Mgallery Cat Ba possesses a closed, Cozy, luxurious and delicate space for your own dinner to enjoy the taste of traditional cuisine from Japan. The restaurant prepares special dishes from fresh ingredients available from Lan Ha Bay.
What lovely corners of Checkin does Cat Ba have?
1st floor swimming pool and 11th floor swimming pool
Mgallery reception hall with lemongrass lemons
Bar on the 11th floor of Mgallery Cat Ba hotel
"Santorini" Vietnam 11th floor .

What to perform when coming into Mgallery Cat Ba
At night I didn't eat in the Mgallery Cat Ba hotel but Known as the tram to take other places to eat. In Cat Ba, there is also a full assortment of restaurants from popular to luxury, eating around the boat can be available, seafood products are also offered. After eating, I wandered around the square, the cafe. Even the square also includes a bar that I used to 5 years ago. Still listening to drinking water at a reasonable price.
So at the end of my very first day, I got quite a few beautiful photos. Since I travelled for 1 night, I could not explore more areas. If you stay for a longer period, you can research:

- Take a ship to visit monkey island
- View Lan Ha Bay
- Visiting Morning & Black cave (KING KONG film studio)
- Snorkeling and watching coral

Click here www.seamoon.vn to get more information about mgallery cát bà (mgallery sand lady).